Silicon Ice Ball Mould

Makes six ice balls at a time. Reusable

SKU: CN938

$18.09 +GST

Bar Caddy Chrome plated

230(W) x 135(D)mm. Colour: Silver

SKU: CN748

$27.18 +GST

Copper Cocktail Shaker 2pc - 600ml 21oz

Capacity: 600ml / 21oz. Copper

SKU: GK959

$33.55 +GST

Galvanised Steel Beverage Tub - 490x365x220mm

220(H) x 490(W) x 365(D)mm. With carry handles

SKU: GK919

$45.36 +GST

Garnish Tweezers St/St - 300mm

Stainless Steel. Length: 300mm

SKU: CN755

$13.55 +GST

Ice Bucket - 10Ltr

217(H) x 292(Ø)mm ; 13 1/4 x 17 3/4(Ø)

SKU: D848

$45.36 +GST

Mezclar Art Deco Shaker St/St

Capacity: 550ml/ 19.5oz. Stainless Steel

SKU: DF227

$24.90 +GST

$13.55 +GST

Mezclar French St/St Shaker - 650ml

Capacity: 600ml / 21oz. Satin Stainless Steel Fini

SKU: DF232

$22.90 +GST

Mezclar Hudson Spoon - 450mm St/St

450(L)mm. Stainless steel

SKU: DF220

Price On Application

$13.55 +GST

Mezclar Piccolo Mini Shaker - 600ml

Capacity: 600ml / 21oz. Stainless Steel

SKU: DF233

$16.90 +GST

Mezclar Tin on Tin Set Boston Can with Tin lid

No Glass Required. Mirror finish

SKU: DF225

$14.90 +GST

Nutmeg Grater St/St - 140mm

138(H) x 46(W) x 25(D). Stainless steel

SKU: CN760

$7.18 +GST

$19.90 +GST

Silicon Ice Shot Mould - 250mm

Makes four shot glasses at a time. Reusable

SKU: CN937

$10.82 +GST

Speed Rail - 810mm 32" wide

155(H) x 108(W) x 817(D)mm. 32 wide rail. Stainles

SKU: DL221

$49.90 +GST

Stainless Steel Round Drip Tray 6" Diameter

12(H) x 140(Ø)mm / 0.5 x 5.5

SKU: CN976

Price On Application

$22.64 +GST

Swivel Claw Opener

Fits J378 catchment box

SKU: J377

Price On Application

$7.18 +GST

Under counter opener and catcher

145(W) x 225(D) x 145(L)mm

SKU: CN750

Price On Application

$18.09 +GST

Wall Mount Box

Fits J377 Wall Mount Beer Bottle Opener

SKU: J378

Price On Application

$5.36 +GST