Waring Big Stix Blender Bowl Clamp

For use with Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blenders

SKU: CB134-A

$249.90 +GST

Waring Blender Variable Speed - 4Ltr

1.5kW. Variable Speed. 4Ltr

SKU: GF422-A

$2,999.90 +GST

Waring Commercial Food Processor - 3.35Ltr

600W Motor. 3.3Ltr

SKU: CC026-A

$849.90 +GST

Waring Double Waffle Maker

Power: 1.4kW. 50 waffles per hour. Dimensions: 241

SKU: DM874-A

$649.90 +GST

Waring Food Processor 1.75Ltr (Light Duty Use) (Au

410W Motor. 1.75Ltr

SKU: CC025-A

$499.90 +GST

Waring Ice Crusher - 2.4Ltr

700W. 30kg/hr Output

SKU: F234-A

$1,199.90 +GST

Waring MX1100XTPNNA Hi-Power Electronic Keypad Ble

1.5kW Dual speed & pulse. Electric Keypad and

SKU: CM078-A

Price On Application

$1,399.90 +GST

Waring Single Waffle Maker

Power: 1.2kW. 25 waffles per hour. Dimensions: 235

SKU: DM873-A

$474.90 +GST

Waring Spice Grinder - 750ml


SKU: CK397-A

$469.90 +GST

Waring Stick Blender - 178mm 7" (Light Duty U

Shaft: 178mm. Dual Speed. Power: 175W

SKU: J772-A

$119.90 +GST

Waring Stick Blender - 254mm 10"

Shaft: 250mm. Power: 350W

SKU: CB132-A

$459.90 +GST

$249.90 +GST

$274.90 +GST

$299.90 +GST

$324.90 +GST

$349.90 +GST

Waring Stick Blender Whisk Attachment

250mm. Fits Range of Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Bl

SKU: CB133-A

$324.90 +GST

Waring Variable Stick Blender - 30cm 12'

Shaft: 300mm (12). Power: 650W

SKU: CR525-A

$724.90 +GST

Waring Variable Stick Blender - 36cm 14'

Shaft: 360mm (14). Power: 650W

SKU: CR526-A

$749.90 +GST

Waring Variable Stick Blender - 40cm 16'

Shaft: 400mm (16). Power: 650W

SKU: CR527-A

$774.90 +GST

Waring Variable Stick Blender - 46cm 18'

Shaft: 460mm (18). Power: 650W

SKU: CR528-A

$799.90 +GST

Waring Variable Stick Blender - 53cm 21'

Shaft: 530mm (21). Power: 650W

SKU: CR529-A

$824.90 +GST

Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MX1100XTXSNNA

1.5kW Dual Speed Quiet Motor. 2Ltr

SKU: CB136-A

$1,399.90 +GST