Waring Food Processor 1.75Ltr (Light Duty Use) (Au

410W Motor. 1.75Ltr

SKU: CC025-A

$449.90 +GST

Bar Blender - 1.3 Ltr Polycarbonate Jug

Model: BB180PK. Two speed. 0.5hp motor.

SKU: T438

$428.95 +GST

Waring 4Ltr Blender

Capacity: 4Ltr. Variable Speed.

SKU: GF422

$3,175.65 +GST

$213.35 +GST

Waring Big Stix Blender Bowl Clamp

For use with Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blenders

SKU: CB134-A

$199.90 +GST

Waring Blender Variable Speed - 4Ltr

1.5kW. Variable Speed. 4Ltr

SKU: GF422-A

$2,399.90 +GST

Waring Commercial Bar Blender PB25EX

260W. Dual Speed 1Ltr

SKU: F228-A

$449.90 +GST

Waring Commercial Chopper & Grinder

Supplied with two bowls and two blades. Pro Prep.

SKU: F218

$373.95 +GST

Waring Commercial Food Processor - 3.35Ltr

600W Motor. 3.3Ltr

SKU: CC026-A

$799.90 +GST

Waring Double Waffle Maker

Power: 1.4kW. 50 waffles per hour. Dimensions: 241

SKU: DM874-A

$549.90 +GST

Waring Food Processor

Model: WFP14SCK. Maximum Output: 128.8kg/hr.

SKU: CD666

$1,057.05 +GST

Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender 300mm WSB50K

Shaft: 300mm (12"). Power: 650W. Model: WSB50

SKU: U607

$703.95 +GST

Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender 360mm WSB55K

Shaft: 360mm (14"). Power: 650W. Model: WSB55

SKU: U608

$714.95 +GST

Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender 400mm WSB60K

Shaft: 400mm (16"). Power: 650W. Model: WSB60

SKU: U609

$725.95 +GST

Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender 460mm WSB65K

Shaft: 460mm (18"). Power: 650W. Model: WSB65

SKU: U610

$736.95 +GST

Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender 530mm WSB70K

Shaft: 530mm (21"). Power: 650W. Model: WSB70

SKU: U611

$769.95 +GST

$199.90 +GST

Waring Ice Crusher - 2.4Ltr

700W. 30kg/hr Output

SKU: F234-A

$949.90 +GST

Waring Ice Crusher IC20K

190(W)mm. Capacity: 2.4Ltr.

SKU: F234

$978.95 +GST

Waring Ice Crusher IC70K

13.6kg Output per hour. 2.8kg Storage. Model: IC70

SKU: CC835

$380.55 +GST