Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe Food Processor/Veg Prep Attachment R21

2.9 Ltr Stainless Steel Bowl. Model: R211 Ultra/2

SKU: J464

$1,999.90 +GST

$14.90 +GST

Dicing Grid 10x10mm to Suit CL50D

Dicing Grid

SKU: RC28119

$291.80 +GST

Hub For J80 Ultra


SKU: RC39913

$62.90 +GST

J80/J100 Robot Coupe Juicer Pusher

Suits J80/J100

SKU: RC39283

$66.50 +GST

Motor Shaft Pin CL50

SKU: RC110308S

$29.25 +GST

$41.20 +GST

$26.40 +GST

MP350A / 450A Blade Assy Kit

Suit MP350 MP450 Stick Blenders

SKU: RC39337

$126.95 +GST

MP450A Drive Shaft

Suit MP450 Stick Blenders

SKU: RC39340

$151.35 +GST

$196.90 +GST

$382.90 +GST

$63.50 +GST

Robot Coup French Fry Equipment 8 x 8mm

Suits CL50, CL52, CL55, CL60, R502, 652

SKU: RC28134

$468.00 +GST

Robot Coupe 1.5mm Potato Disc - Paddle and grid an

1.5mm. For Robot Coupe CL50/CL50 Ultra

SKU: AE304

$649.90 +GST

Robot Coupe 1.5mm Potato Disc- includes Feed Tube

1.5mm. For Robot Coupe CL50/CL50 Ultra

SKU: AE303

$899.90 +GST