Polar Counter GN REFRIGERATOR - 3 Doors 700mm with

Stainless Steel Finish. GN compatible. 3 Door. Tro

SKU: DL915-A

$2,249.90 +GST

Polar Double Chilled Drinks Dispenser Grey - 355wa

392W. 2 x 12Ltr Double Tank

SKU: CF761-A

$949.90 +GST

Polar Double Door Slimline FREEZER

Stainless Steel Finish. 2 Door

SKU: GD880-A

$2,549.90 +GST

Polar Double Door Upright Back Bar Cooler Hinged

Hinged Double Door

SKU: GJ449-A

$1,649.90 +GST

Polar Double Hinged Door Back Bar Cooler St/St ext

Stainless Steel Finish. 2 Door

SKU: CE206-A

$1,049.90 +GST

Polar Gastro Freezer 2 Door Upright - 1200L 42.4cu

1340(W)mm. Capacity: 1200Ltr.

SKU: DL896-A

$3,049.90 +GST

Polar Gastro Refrigerator Single Door Upright- 600

680(W)mm. Capacity: 600Ltr. Tropical

SKU: DL893-A

$2,049.90 +GST

Polar Hotel Room Refrigerator - 30Ltr Black

400(W)mm. Capacity: 30 Ltr.

SKU: CE322-A

$299.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated Counter Top Prep/Servery - 1500

1500(W)mm. Capacity: 5x 1/3 GN and 1x 1/2 GN. Trop

SKU: GD876-A

$924.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerated Counter with Marble Work Top -

2 Doors. Marble Counter 6x 1/1GN

SKU: CL108-A

$1,549.90 +GST

Polar REFRIGERATOR Single Door Upright St/St - 440

Stainless Steel Finish. 1 Door

SKU: G590-A

$1,649.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerator Upright Display Cabinet 218Ltr

530(W)mm. Capacity: 218Ltr.

SKU: DM075-A

$749.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerator Upright Display Cabinet 348Ltr

620(W)mm. Capacity: 368Ltr

SKU: DM076-A

$1,049.90 +GST

Polar Refrigerator Upright Display Cabinet 944Ltr

1200(W)mm. Capacity: 944Ltr.

SKU: CD984-A

$1,949.90 +GST

Polar Undercounter Freezer - 140Ltr 5cu ft-AUS PLU

600(W)mm. Capacity: 140Ltr.

SKU: CD611-A

$849.90 +GST

Polar Wine Cooler - 48 bottles (Mechanical) Glass

550(W)mm. Capacity: 48 x 750ml Bottles.

SKU: CE204-A

$424.90 +GST

Water Temperature Sensor & Ice Level Sensor fo

Fits Polar 20kg ice maker model: ZB20. (Product co

SKU: AA244

$4.90 +GST

$2.90 +GST

Polar Double Hinge Door Back Bar Chiller 870mmH -

900(W)mm. Capacity: 156x 330ml Bottles.

SKU: DL816-A

$849.90 +GST