Soft Grip Angled Scrub Brush

Ergonomic Handle

SKU: B-40006

$6.95 +GST

Soft Grip Window Squeegee

Ergonomic Handle

SKU: B-40030

$6.35 +GST

Flock Lined Rubber Gloves - Small

Antibacterial. Vanilla Scented

SKU: R-104S

$2.35 +GST

Oven Tray Holder

Three Layered Insulated Oven Tray

SKU: SM-027

$24.95 +GST

Oates Dustpan & Bannister Set Blue

Colour: Blue. 225mm wide

SKU: CT722

Price On Application

$9.00 +GST

Oates Elbow Length Oven Glove (Single)

Elbow Length. Sold Singly

SKU: CP784

$36.27 +GST

$3.45 +GST

5 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Wood Handle

Hard wearing steel wire bristles

SKU: B-14023

$9.75 +GST

Liquid Resistant Gloves - 400mm

PVC Dipped

SKU: R-33

$9.65 +GST

300mm Deck Scrub & Squeegee with Handle

Wooden Head and Handle

SKU: B-12423F

$46.25 +GST

4 Row Stiff Wire Brush - Plastic Handle

Plastic handle is impervious to most oil and greas

SKU: B-14030

$11.55 +GST

91cm Modac Dust Control Map Replacement

91cm Replacement

SKU: SM-144

$52.80 +GST

$83.20 +GST

$48.95 +GST

$63.95 +GST

$60.65 +GST

Aluminium Rubber Squeegee 600mm - with Timber Hand

with Timber Handle 1.8mt x 25mm

SKU: B-13112F

$70.65 +GST

$32.15 +GST

Bamboo 1.8m Handle


SKU: B-11508

$11.00 +GST

Black Nylon Scourer Pad 10 Pack

10 Pack

SKU: SC-505

$12.00 +GST

Commercial Lobby Pan Set

Available Blue Red Green Yellow

SKU: B-11115

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From $49.95 +GST

Contractor 400gm Mop Head Replacement

Available in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red


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From $13.95 +GST

From $12.50 +GST

$12.50 +GST