Hygiplas Digital Stem Thermometer

Range: -50°C to +200°C

SKU: GH628

$34.90 +GST


Hygiplas Colour Coded Cutting Boards & Knife K

Kit includes: 6 x Cutting boards, 6 x Knives &

SKU: S122

$134.90 $99.00

Hygiplas Easytemp Pocket Stem Thermometer

Range: -50 to +300°C. Suitable bakery & dairy

SKU: J242

$29.90 +GST

$74.90 +GST

Hygiplas Infrared Thermometer

Range: -50°C to +316°C. Takes temperatures without

SKU: GG749

$99.90 +GST

Hygiplas Colour Coded Knife Set & Wallet

6 Piece Set Supplied in a Nylon Wallet.

SKU: S088

$79.90 +GST

Hygiplas Cooks Knife Blue - 8.5"

8.5 Blade Blue Handle - Raw fish

SKU: C851

$19.90 +GST

Hygiplas Cooks Knife Green - 10"

10 Blade Green Handle - Salads and fruit

SKU: C868

$21.90 +GST

Hygiplas Fillet Knife Blue - 6"

6 Blade Blue Handle - Raw fish

SKU: C853

$19.90 +GST

$8.09 +GST

Hygiplas Big Digit Timer

Big screen display. Easy to use multi-function int

SKU: CF916

$24.90 +GST

Hygiplas Board Scraper

Two handed.

SKU: L400

$27.50 +GST

Hygiplas Boning Knife Stiff Blade Black - 5"

5 Blade Black Nylon Handle

SKU: C267

$13.90 +GST

Hygiplas Boning Knife Stiff Blade Red - 6"

6 Blade Red handle - Raw meat

SKU: C890

$14.90 +GST

Hygiplas Bread Knife Black - Handle 8"

8 Blade Black Nylon Handle

SKU: D734

$21.90 +GST

Hygiplas Bread Knife White - 8"

8 Blade White handle - Dairy products

SKU: C882

$21.90 +GST

Hygiplas Chopping Board Brush Red

Colour: Red. For cleaning raw meat chopping boards

SKU: DM042

$7.50 +GST

Hygiplas Chopping Board Brush White

Colour: White. For bakery and dairy chopping board

SKU: DM043

$7.50 +GST

Hygiplas Chopping Board Round White 14" dia

50(H) x 360(Ø)mm. LDPE. For bakery and dairy goods

SKU: CP519

Price On Application

$29.55 +GST

Hygiplas Chopping Mats 300x450mm (Pack 6)

Standard - 1.5(H) x 450(W) x 300(L)mm

SKU: CP520

Price On Application

$25.00 +GST

Hygiplas Chopping Mats 450x600mm (Pack 6)

Large - 1.5(H) x 450(W) x 600(L)mm

SKU: CP521

Price On Application

$34.09 +GST

Hygiplas Coarse Steel - 9"

Steel Length: 9. Material: Stainless Steel

SKU: D818

Price On Application

$25.00 +GST

Hygiplas Colour Coded Cutting Mat Set (Pack 6)

1.4(H)x 385(W)x 305(L)mm. Set of six flexible colo

SKU: U558

$19.90 +GST

Hygiplas Colour Coded Wall Chart for Australia

Compliant with all hygiene regulations.

SKU: DL840

$4.90 +GST