Kitchen Blenders

Our kitchen blenders are extremely versatile and are valuable for a variety of catering outlets. Essential for the production of purées, soups, salsa, sauces and numerous other mixed foods, a food blender is a useful addition to any restaurant regardless of its menu or theme. Comparatively if looking for a way to blend cocktails, smoothies and other mixed liquids then you should consider a speciality Bar Blender for outlets such as bars and American style diners.

With variable speeds to create varying textures and consistencies, including pulse settings on certain models for particularly tough ingredients, there is little food in the world that can't stand the power of a commercial kitchen blender. Due to their capacity to liquefy foods, these machines are especially valuable to facilities where liquefied foods are a regular necessity such as care homes and hospitals.

If looking for a more portable and lightweight appliance to blend your foods then look over our extensive selection of commercial Stick Blenders.

Waring Blender Variable Speed - 4Ltr

1.5kW. Variable Speed. 4Ltr

SKU: GF422-A

$2,999.90 +GST