Bar Blenders and Smoothie Makers

Bar blenders and smoothie makers are a great way to capitalise on your customer's thirst for high-margin fruit smoothies and delicious mixed drinks. A cocktail blender has the strength to crush ice for refreshing beverages in the summer and equally valuable alcoholic cocktails all year round. To aerate and create perfect milkshakes then you should consider a professional milkshake maker.

With a range of sizes available stretching from small single litre models to large commercial units, there is enough variety to satisfy anyone looking for anything from a light duty drinks blender for occasional use to heavy duty commercial blenders built to supply pitchers during happy hour. Certain blenders also come equipped with noise guards to allow them to operate comfortably in a front of house environment or two separate jugs to handle heavy demand.

If you need to blend hot ingredients, check out our range of kitchen blenders.

Rio Blender - Stainless Steel

New wave action jug design with 2-speed with puls


$350.00 +GST

Waring Big Stix Blender Bowl Clamp

For use with Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blenders

SKU: CB134-A

$249.90 +GST

Waring Blender Variable Speed - 4Ltr

1.5kW. Variable Speed. 4Ltr

SKU: GF422-A

$2,999.90 +GST

Waring Double Waffle Maker

Power: 1.4kW. 50 waffles per hour. Dimensions: 241

SKU: DM874-A

$649.90 +GST

Waring Ice Crusher - 2.4Ltr

700W. 30kg/hr Output

SKU: F234-A

$1,199.90 +GST

Waring MX1100XTPNNA Hi-Power Electronic Keypad Ble

1.5kW Dual speed & pulse. Electric Keypad and

SKU: CM078-A

Price On Application

$1,399.90 +GST

Waring Single Waffle Maker

Power: 1.2kW. 25 waffles per hour. Dimensions: 235

SKU: DM873-A

$474.90 +GST

Waring Spice Grinder - 750ml


SKU: CK397-A

$469.90 +GST

Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MX1100XTXSNNA

1.5kW Dual Speed Quiet Motor. 2Ltr

SKU: CB136-A

$1,399.90 +GST