Our selection of bottle openers is perfect for removing crown caps from bottles. Bar blades are one of the fastest ways of removing bottle tops, preventing a long queue at a wall mounted opener, leading to faster serving times.

$750.00 +GST

$1,100.00 +GST

Ceado Cold Press Juicer


SKU: CPJ0150

$3,500.00 +GST

Double Bowl Juice Dispenser JDA 0002

12 ltr Bowls - Stainless Steel Tap

SKU: JDA0002

$1,150.00 +GST

Robot Coupe J100 Automatic Centrifugal Juicer 1000

1000W Motor. Output: 100kgs per hour

SKU: GG677

$2,799.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Ultra Automatic Juicer J80

6.5 Ltr Pulp Container. 700W

SKU: DN582

$2,199.90 +GST

Sammic Juicemaster Professional (Direct)

240W Motor. Output: 1Ltr per minute

SKU: GG678

$873.80 +GST

Santos Centrifugal Juice Extractor "Miracle E

1.3kW Motor. Output:140Ltr/hr

SKU: GH739

$3,799.90 +GST

Santos Centrifugal Juicer (Direct)

Output: 100Ltr/hr. 600W

SKU: E073

$2,499.90 +GST

Santos Classic Citrus Juicer Yellow (Direct)

130W. Output: 30Ltr/hr

SKU: K275

$624.90 +GST

Santos New Lever Citrus Juicer Evolution (Direct)

275W Motor. Output:50Ltr/hr

SKU: CE356

$1,299.90 +GST

$350.00 +GST