Whether you are making an easy smoothie, crushing ice or even making salsas or dips, we stock a wide range of suitable bar and kitchen blenders ideal for professional use.

Popular Products

Tempest Ice Blender BBT0650

1.9lt Stackable Jug - 3 HP Motor

SKU: BBT0650

$1,045.00 +GST

Waring Commercial Ice Crusher IC70K

Up to 22.7kg/hr Output. 2.8kg Storage

SKU: CC835-A

$349.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Power Mixer Blender MP 450 ULTRA

Shaft: 450mm. Power: 500W

SKU: DL861

$1,149.90 +GST

Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixer Red

Colour: Red.


$349.90 +GST

Roband Single Milkshake Mixer - Seaspray

Colour: Seaspray


$349.90 +GST

Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixer White

Cup Activated Milkshake Maker. White.


$349.90 +GST

$175.00 +GST

Waring Commercial Light Duty Quik Stix Stick Blend

Shaft: 178mm. Dual Speed. Power: 175W

SKU: J772-A

$99.90 +GST

$1,000.00 +GST

$1,100.00 +GST

$250.00 +GST

$19.90 +GST

Rio Blender - Stainless Steel



$400.00 +GST

Robot Coupe Compact Variable Speed Mixer Stick Ble

Shaft: 350mm. Power: 400W

SKU: C808

$929.90 +GST

Waring Medium Duty Quik Stix Plus Blender

1800rpm Motor. Model: WSB40K.

SKU: CB132

$415.75 +GST

Waring Medium Duty Stick Blender Quik Stix WSB40K

Shaft: 250mm. Power: 350W

SKU: CB132-A

$399.90 +GST

Waring Heavy Duty Blender Whisk Attachment

250mm. Fits Range of Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Bl

SKU: CB133-A

$374.90 +GST

Waring Blender Heavy Duty Bracket

For use with Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blenders

SKU: CB134-A

$199.90 +GST

Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MX1000XTXEK

1.5kW Motor. 2 Speed. Model: MX1000XTXEK.

SKU: CB135

$1,022.95 +GST