Beverage Equipment

A wide selection of beverage machines to help keep your staff and customers hydrated and refreshed. Featuring coffee grinders, coffee and espresso machines, drinks dispensers, milkshake mixers, bar blenders, juice extractors, ice crushers and hot water urns, you can provide refreshing hot and cold drinks all day long at minimal cost and effort. Top brands included, such as Birko, San Remo and Roband.

Popular Products

$237.00 +GST

$237.00 +GST

Tempest Ice Blender BBT0650

1.9lt Stackable Jug - 3 HP Motor

SKU: BBT0650

$1,045.00 +GST

Waring Commercial Ice Crusher IC70K

Up to 22.7kg/hr Output. 2.8kg Storage

SKU: CC835-A

$349.90 +GST

Polar Double Chilled Drinks Dispenser

392W. 2 x 12Ltr Double Tank

SKU: CF761-A

$949.90 +GST

Birko Commercial Hot Water Urn 1009020

Capacity: 20Ltr. With non drip tap

SKU: DL567

$274.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Power Mixer Blender MP 450 ULTRA

Shaft: 450mm. Power: 500W

SKU: DL861

$1,149.90 +GST

Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixer Red

Colour: Red.


$349.90 +GST

Roband Single Milkshake Mixer - Seaspray

Colour: Seaspray


$349.90 +GST

Roband Milkshake & Drink Mixer White

Cup Activated Milkshake Maker. White.


$349.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer J80 Ultra

6.5 Ltr Pulp Container. 700W

SKU: DN582

$1,999.90 +GST

Apuro Coffee Machine

Capacity: 1.8Ltr. 120 cups per hour

SKU: G108-A

$324.90 +GST

Robot Coupe Automatic Centrifugal Juicer J100 Ultr

1000W Motor. Output: 100kgs per hour

SKU: GG677

$2,699.90 +GST

Birko Hot Water Urn

Capacity: 5Ltr. With Non-Drip Tap

SKU: GH512

$179.90 +GST

Roband Robatherm Hot Water Urn 10 Ltr

Capacity: 10Ltr. Power: 2.3kW

SKU: GP860

$252.89 +GST

Roband Robatherm Hot Water Urn 30 Ltr

Capacity: 30Ltr. Power: 2.3kW

SKU: GP862

$307.89 +GST

$175.00 +GST

Waring Commercial Light Duty Quik Stix Stick Blend

Shaft: 178mm. Dual Speed. Power: 175W

SKU: J772-A

$99.90 +GST

Roband 80Cup/ 12.8 Ltr Coffee Percolator

1.65kW. 80 Cup/12.8Ltr


$366.00 +GST

Birko 10Ltr Hot Water Urn & 24 Free Mugs

Capacity: 10Ltr. With non drip tap

SKU: S761

$224.90 +GST

$1,000.00 +GST

$250.00 +GST

$237.00 +GST