Bar Mats and Drip Trays

Bar mats and drip trays will help to keep your bar clean and tidy. Avoid sticky, contaminated bars with a rubber bar matt, or set drip trays at regular intervals along the bar for ultimate convenience.

Popular Products

Olympia Stainless Steel Drip Tray 400 x 200mm

400(W) x 200(D)mm / 15.75 x 7.75

SKU: DM219

$32.50 +GST

Olympia Rubber Bar Mat 450 x 300mm

445(W) x 300(D)mm / 17.5 x 11.75

SKU: F977

$19.90 +GST

Olympia Rubber Bar Mat 670 x 80mm

678(W) x 81(D)mm / 26.75 x 3.25

SKU: C174

$12.50 +GST