Cream Whippers

A real time-saving solution when adding cream to desserts, drinks and sauces, a top quality cream whipper is ideal for use in a busy restaurant or café kitchen.

Popular Products

Vogue Whipped Cream Dispenser 1Ltr

Capacity: 1Ltr

SKU: GG485

$79.90 +GST

Vogue Whipped Cream Dispenser 500ml

Capacity: 500ml.

SKU: CB162

$59.90 +GST

Vogue Cream Whipper Chargers for CB162 Whipper (Bo

Pack quantity: 50. Fits cream whippers CB162 &

SKU: CB163

$37.50 +GST

ISI Cream Whipper 0.5Ltr

Capacity: 500ml

SKU: DL525

$134.90 +GST

ISI Cream Whipper 1Ltr

Capacity: 1Ltr

SKU: DL526

$149.90 +GST